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Babyopathy & Kadamey Essential Oils

Babyopathy & Kadamey Essential Oils

Here's where you'll find some of my Babyopathy (Modern Day Motherhood Magic) and Kadamey - essential oils!


You can immerse yourself in the whole journey from the 1st Trimester - Thin Blue Line - with a new blend every trimester, or you can jump in to the Birth Set where you'll find the magical Labour Day (to inhale directly through your contractions for pain relief), Birth Day (to diffuse in the birth room to keep everyone, Mum, Dad and any other birth partners and midwives) and the super soothing Padsicle Blend (to make up your padsicles for some TLC for your vagina after the birth - truly magical!).


All of my essential oil blends are manufactured and sold by Base Formula, the UK's leading essential oil manufacturer. Click on their name above to be directed to their website.


PLEASE NOTE: My oils are not available to purchase here (which is why it says £0.00) - they are sold and posted directly from the manufacturer Base Formula - click on their name in blue above.


Using essential oils is one of the most effective ways to have a positive impact on your pregnancy wellbeing.


    Return policy for my essential oils can be found on the Base Formula website.


    Delivery information for my essential oils can be found on the Base Formula website.

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