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Prepare For Pregnancy Journal

Prepare For Pregnancy Journal

12 Steps To Prepare For Pregnanc - BEFORE You Even Start Trying!


If you're thinking of trying for a baby STOP NOW! If you really want to enjoy a relaxed and connected pregnancy and birth and maximise your chances of conceiving, you need my Pregnancy Prep Magic!


Stress is a leading cause of infertility - this is scientific fact but rarely talked about. So if you are starting your fertility journey and are already stressed (which most of the population is due to modern day lifestyles) then you are already on the back foot when it comes to conceiving and enjoying a problem free pregnancy.


My 12 Steps to Prepare For Pregnancy takes you on a journey to de-stress, get healthy and record the process too!


The only rule is - no TRYING for a baby! You can have sex, go on dates with your partner and have all the fun you want, but no 'trying' to conceive.


You will receive a digital download (PDF) of my journal that has been designed to print double sided on A4 paper (landscape) that you can then guillotine for A5 planner/journal size. You will need a hole punch to add in to a planner folder.

Some pagination differences may occur when printing depending on your printer and print settings.


There is no refund available on digital purchases.

  • Tech Spec & Refunds

    This is an A4 PDF file to be printed double-sided in landscaped format & guillotined to achieve the final A5 Planner journal. Some pagination issues may occur depending on your printer/settings.

    You will be required to hole punch yourself.

    There are NO refunds for digital products.

VAT Included
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