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Welcome to your 2nd trimester!

The second trimester everything becomes real as you finally get to see your baby at your first scan. Now is the time to really embrace your sensory and energy journey and 'bloom'.

- angela j spencer, creator of Babyopathy


Hopefully, you will have finally had your first midwife appointment and scan, does it feel real now?

If you haven't already, it's a time most people share their news and it should be the time that you become the most important person on the planet (well amongst your circle anyway), but for many mums this isn't the case. Once the news is out there they can slowly find themselves being left out and left feeling isolated. Well I'm here to tell you that with me and Babyopathy you're never alone and I'll help you find your 'inner goddess' and bloom!

The second trimester is a time to connect to your sensory journey, your baby's first movements and learn everything there is to know about your baby's sensory world, ready to embrace their Routine in the Womb!

If you want to know more about Routine in the Womb, the most up to date way to know baby's movements and your pregnancy is progressing positively, then join my Mentor Mum Membership - it's FREE!

If you want to embrace a Babyopathy pregnancy and birth, immersed in a sensory oasis and connected to nature and energy, if you want to learn how to connect to your baby in the womb on an unprecedented level then join me in the Babyopathy Mamas Club.

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