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The 1st Trimester

Congratulations! The first trimester is both exciting and a rollercoaster of emotions and questions. Now you're here it's time for me to share with you my 25+ years of knowledge and expertise in child development, energy, sensory tools and more ...


As far as Babyopathy is concerned, the first trimester, or first step on the journey to being a 'relaxed mum' is all about sleep and stress.

If I could start you on this journey before you even conceive I would, as you're almost halfway through the first trimester before you find out you're pregnant and from a wellbeing point of view, there's some VERY important information you need to know as early as possible!

Stress during pregnancy is the ultimate MODERN DAY MENACE!

We already know that stress is bad for us, it can make us ill and cause us all sorts of health and mental health problems, yet we do very little about it and just carry on - and that's before we are pregnant!

(By the way, it also HUGELY affects fertility!!)

However, maternal stress (yes, that's you and the stress levels you have) during pregnancy, can have a MASSIVE impact on the development of your baby in their womb (particularly their brain) AND stress during the first trimester can potentially dictate whether you will experience a premature birth. This is something science has proven, it's not just my thoughts!!

So if you take nothing else from your visit to my website, take this piece of advice - do a stress review and find something that helps you to de-stress EVERY DAY!

If you want to know more and why sleep is important, if you want access to my free course on Stress During Pregnancy and Routine in the Womb join my Mentor Mums group - it's FREE!

If you want to delve in to a Babyopathy pregnancy and embrace your connections to nature, energy and enjoy a more sensory pregnancy, come and join me in the Babyopathy Mamas Club!


The best way to feel supported is to join a community and the Babyopathy Mentor Mums Membership group is FREE to join!
You can of course upgrade to one of the paid memberships for additional exclusive content and course discounts etc., but it's not essential. What is important is that you feel part of the community.


Visit my SHOP to purchase your Thin Blue Line - 1st Trimester essential oil blend.

It is essential to help you create an all important evening de-stress and sleep routine. This is key to your baby's developing brain during the first trimester.


If you don't know much about me or Babyopathy then you can take a look at the 'About Me' section or have a read through some of the frequently asked questions.

If your question isn't there, then please do message me though our contact page and I will be happy to help.


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